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west coast love song


these haunted streets we knew

empty, wet and bare

the dreaming houses few

but you're not anywhere

where are you

where are you now 

when the west coast night falls

when the silent streets call

will you think of me at all

will you think of jericho

when the light dies on the bay

as the seagulls cry 

above the waves

and the last of the 

big ships has sailed

and the heron

has flown away

as your angels wings sag

as they wither and 

start to drag

when your feathers are falling

to the ground

and there's no one left around

new music
West Coast Love Song
featuring Susana Williams

when the leaves blow

on the drive

as the west end couples

pass you by

when there's no one waiting

for you at home 

and you're utterly alone

will you think of jericho


will you remember

this at all

now the moment's

long gone away

and the west coast moon wanes

a new heron stands there

all alone

where the west coast

darkness knows

nothing is what it seems

was it all a dream

that night at jericho

where did you go

where are you

where are you now 

where are you

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